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A key feature of this Battlefield 2 game is a nice free Windows game that belongs to a PC unit called Miscellaneous Services (mostly) and was created on Battlefield 2 since the game was added to our selection of apps and applications on 2011, received 266,333 downloads and last week received 68 (function () {(‘Browsing-Software-Seite-Desktop’);}); Battlefield 2 is available to Windows XP and earlier users, and you can access it in different languages, including: B. English, Spanish. There is a version of the game and the last update was on May 25th, 2011. Battlefield 2 is not a game so difficult that it does not take up as much space as an average PC game. This is a very popular game in India, Indonesia and Slovakia.

The first smart smart game experience is World War I. It was created for Playstation 4, XBox One and Windows computers. You can get used to World War II games and find that they usually mean less hardware and technology, but not in this game. This game is tough and real. You didn’t greet the explosion until you felt it on Battlefield 1.

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At first glance, you will be forgiven for thinking of the “Medal of Honor”, but play around a bit and see that there is a world full of differences. Gameplay is more fun and there is more going on around you than the Medal of Honor game. You fight in World War I from the first person perspective with your rifle to the left or right of the screen until you start shooting. Follow the story clearly, but in an open environment / box. Follow your mission settings and fight as you go. Since the pictures are out of this world, you will need a gaming PC if you don’t use a cone. History It is based on human language, not on winning the war, but on the people in it. The story and the acting character seem to be inspired by Fury’s war film.

Fireworks break and dramatize

As PC games have taught us, sound is everything, and the makers of Battlefield 1 know that. Shoot someone nearby and you can hear their bones break when the bullets fly. The sound of the explosions is clear and the sound of the weapon is not too repetitive. This is a great advantage for the first person shooter. The pictures are great, but not perfect. As with most war games, the character’s face looks a little off. Based on today’s console technology, they could do a little more with the characters. Instead, they put their efforts into action because the game looks good when the fight is in full swing. The developers have given the game a lot of variety as you walk from one model to another in an airplane and another in a balloon and so on. It contributes to the repetition of the game, but transports it from the reality of the identified game. Unfortunately, the creators tore up the parts of the game so they could sell and download products. For example, you can’t play French if you don’tpay extra.


The story is new, although the war game is timed and the gameplay is above average. EA also messed it up a bit so that money is played and players are forced to pay extra for downloads before they can enjoy the rest of the game. Anyway, if you bought a gaming PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox One, then Battlefield 1 is the reason why you paid all the money.


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