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Give your Windows XP machine a true future theme, if you have an old Windows XP computer in your closet, you may want to use it regularly. Windows XP has been released in recent years, but it does not hurt to keep a small portion of its market share. And there are many programs that will help keep this aging system clean and functional. Chrome XP is a small example! Welcome to ModernChrome XP adds a modern glaze over the old work system. Although he can’t do everything, he makes some amazing changes. Some like to add new icons and colors to the whole operating system and to other applications such as Windows Explorer, they are very welcome. Some who make a small click area of ​​the Start menu may be helpful to everyone. But in general this is a fairly normal conversion (function () {(‘preview-software-page-desktop’);}); Choosing and Choosing Chrome XP contains small ads. You can skip the right side of the clock and a few other things you can’t ignore when you see it. But if you get used to it and find that the Start menu icon meets your requirements above, you can use Chrome XP to make your old XP machine look newer and more modern. And it’s not bad to do.


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