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Jump ahead of Cluster Truck The Cluster Truck disaster is a unique platform game in which you control a character jumping from the back of a moving vehicle so as not to touch the ground. This in itself seems to be a challenge, but these trucks are not handled properly. When they collide, fly in the air and get out of control, time and risk jump between them and go through the entire level. As in a car accident, Clustertruck has fairly basic graphics, but the game is both interesting and challenging. Jumping from vehicle to vehicle will earn you points based on the speed at which you reach the end of the level and the level of difficulty of the achievement. There are 90 levels full of creepy drivers, from deserts to snowy landscapes to high-tech tunnels. Constant collisions with their chaotic and unpredictable physical results mean that you have to be constantly aware of both the dangers and the opportunities. As with all platform players, you can often die, but crashes are so ridiculous that it is difficult to get upset. (function () {(‘reviev-page-page-desktop’);}); Crash and Re-Crash If you like fast, unpredictable platforms, Clustertruck can make chaotic jumping for hours. It doesn’t have the latest graphics, but they are simple enough and clear that you can see every minute of insanity.


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