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We know the Counter Strike (original and not playable) still there, which so far this good game. But there is a big problem: Now you can no longer play online. No worries. We have a gift for you: Counter Strike Z-Bot. This is a great mod for CS that you can download for free, and you do not need a pair of it!

Solution for those who want to play Counter Strike (Function () (“Browse-App-page-Desktop”);});
Counter Strike Z-Bot, as the name implies, you can play with bots and unite the gods. Bots are the participants in a non-human game, controlled by Ai Games (artificial intelligence), which is.
With this mod you can continue using Counter Strike, after all years can not do so. This version, one of the classics, has expired. Valve does not offer official CS support, so it is impossible to play legally on the Internet. With bots, at least you can continue playing, even if your opponents are machines.

Customize your Experience
Counter Strike Z-Bot contains many options to customize the bots. To adjust the level of difficulty, the weapon they are in, control, the number is in fact the biggest disadvantage of this mod is that its author has not updated it for many years. Fortunately, according to what we read in the forums, Counter Strike Z-Bot has no major problems.

No Zombies, no offlives: Classical life
Counter-Strike Neon Zombie, counter Strike Source, Counter Strike Online 1 and 2, Counter strike global attack it does not matter what the counters are in recent years: The version is still the most popular of all. Therefore, we are not surprised that Counter Strike is one of the most downloaded and perfect mods for the series. Now is the time to finally let you enjoy it as well.
This mod does not offer full version of Counter Strike you have to download CS legally from another source, although it is very difficult these days.




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