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Years after the Shining Event, adult-born Dan Torrance must protect such a powerful young woman from the cult known as “True Knot,” which protects children with the power to remain immortal.
Writers about Mike Flanagan:
Stephen King (based on Mike Flanagan’s novel) (screenshots):
Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kylie Quran | Along the road through America, a tribe called True Node travels for food. They look harmless – much older, more polyester and married to their trailers. But, as Dan Thorens knows, and as Abraham Stone learns, the real knot doesn’t, he lives off the “steam” that children with “lanterns” light up as they slowly torment themselves to death. Fascinated by the hosts of the Review Hotel, where he spent a traumatic year of childhood, Danny wandered for decades, wanting to abandon his father’s legacy of despair, alcoholism and violence. Finally, she lives in New Hampshire City, the AA community that supports her and works in a nursing home where her shiny remains provide supreme comfort for the dying. With the help of a medical cat, he becomes Doctor Sleep. Then Dan meets Abra Stone and his most amazing and brilliant gift he has ever seen, which overpowers Dan’s demon and seduces him into fighting Abra.

Danny Thorance is a middle-aged man who flees to the United States to spill his alcoholic parents, who ignored him to forget about Shining events. After landing in a small town in Massachusetts and with the help of a cat, he became a sleep doctor. Having met the youngest girl and the most powerful Danis he has ever seen, he now has to face the demons of his past and the current demon to save him from the evil known as the True Knot.


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