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A young elephant, ears that allow him to fly, help to save the struggling Circus circus, but when planning a new venture, Dumbo, and his friends know a dark secret beneath the shiny Diuliti.

Director: Tim Burton Writers: Helen Aberson (novel), Kruger Keyla (screenplay)

Holt was formerly a circus, but he went to the war and when he returned right has changed his life. Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) hires him to take care of a baby elephant, Dumbo in the ear width to make her laughing circus group stocks fought. But when children in Holt found that Dumbo could fly, silver-tongued Vandevere businessman (Michael Keaton), and flight-artist Colette marcher (Eva Green) took some elephants a little.

Circus owners are struggling enlists a man and his two sons to take care of Baby elephants can fly.




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