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FIFA 16 pales compared to PES 2016. It is hard to do: the King of football games, abandoned.

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Leaving behind dgd comparison over time, FIFA 16 has changed. The most notable of these changes is that you can now choose to play as one of 12 international women’s team. Working SPORTSS EA of Madrid not least changing teams of men and women and animating a character in a completely different way. This leads to a little match slowly and younger, but also more powerful, unpredictable and exciting.
The final team of FIFA (FUT) was seen to improve through FUT project: a great way to enjoy this situation without spending hours in front of your computer to create your team. offers a selection of lottery players of each item to help visitors and FUT training more version conditions available for those who are interested in the problems have increased the problem. You can compete in four growing problems winning gold. Here the activities of Micro of FUT Vice, allowing you to enjoy its systems without paying real money.
All other types and they have also been considered and improved. For example – in the case of work – you can configure your player via mini-games to improve their miracle.
“Magic moments” of FIFA 16 is the result of calculations some Canny and EA games developers to modify the animation, shooting, and physics. During one of these times it happens to mimic actual game experience, do you want to stop doing your head in amazement. Glasses this is the true power of Fifa and the area where it still feels better for PES 2016.

Very interesting
And many improvements, why FIFA 16 still spot on football? The problem lies in the gameplay itself. One important example of this is the full wrath of trying to get the ball back. In spite of all the machine and manipulations, your best tactic is still waiting for the attacker to make mistakes on it and instead of trying to make war.
The inconvenience of collection: direct selection of players on the field is more common than ever, sometimes players take advantage of games in which you can create with the ball, apparently magnetized by goalkeepers.
PES 2016 power you can use techniques and team, and your reward for your efforts. 16 from FIFA is happy the sacrifice these things in favor of spectacle and magic. When magic happens, it feels amazing. But when the system leads to a disadvantage, it seems an accident, your happiness quickly turns into anger and frustration.
What is the consequence if we Compare all games? Yes, we prefer PES 2016 (at least in the current console, offering the PC port of Konamis is large). He feels better, and your efforts to equal success. FIFA 16, on the other hand, suffers from a lack of regulation because it prioritizes style over skill.
So Fifa is bad? No, not at all. Immersion creates a natural, wonderful and some of a player’s true feelings of nature as the goalkeeper fist the ball away. When these children thrive on really awesome, they make you feel like a real game.

Magic, types and immediacy
Football game FIFA 16 is greater still: a team of women to add variety, the end of the FIFA team easy access project, and “magic moments” is interesting. So, as a type, immediacy, Tasha is your highest priority, FIFA is better zati. Now EA games again on them, because the game they want to stop the gap betweenFIFA and DGD to add more. And I am confident that both of them.




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