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To view HEVC formats, HEVC video extensions are software tools developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a video connection that allows computers and devices to read high quality encoding videos or HEVC movies. In addition, users can also select video players that play HEVC files.

Advanced video compression standards High quality video encoding is also recognized in the video industry under another name and in part MPEG-H 2. It has been developed to replace AVC format, which has been widely used since May 2003. The video compression format has been improved. data from 25% to 50% and better video quality than the previous video standard. It provides higher performance at the same bit level and video quality level compared to AVC. The compression format of this video is very compatible with very large screens and high quality images. It is suitable for screens with 81924320 resolution, UHD TVs with 8K resolution and all additional devices using Main 10 (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); By helping the platform read HEVCHEVC video connection, users can view high quality movies within HEVC compression standards. Some computers and devices still use outdated AVC formats or do not support HEVC equipment. This application essentially encodes HEVC movies in readable content. It is compatible with all video player software or; Users don’t have to worry about using Windows Media Player standard Windows 10 or VLC Media Player to watch HEVC movies. This app is compatible with any existing Windows 10 platform and works with 7th-generation Intel Core processors, as well as 4K and Ultra HD; Thanks to the HEVC video connection, users can enjoy movies and online streaming programs. However, they should not forget that playback may be inconsistent. Factors such as computer performance and video resolution can also affect playback. Improved visual effects of video. HEVC video connection is required for users with HD screens and smart TVs. High resolution screens make it easier for users. Unfortunately, some media platforms do not support HEVC. With simple software, you can enjoy HD images from movies.


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