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Insofta Cover Commander is an application for creating professional cover illustrations, visual 3D images of CD and DVD boxes, books, any screenshots that you can insert into screens of popular devices – TVs, monitors, or even into a virtual iPhone and iPad. You can find Insoft’s Cover Commander in the full news below.
Content management is greatly simplified with a wizard that guides you through all settings and allows you to perfectly adjust the parameters of lighting, camera, shadow and reflection in real time.
After closing the wizard, you can return to all settings at any time, change their parameters and save the project to your cpj format, and then export to JPEG, bmp, gif, png image with transparency support or gif animation that also supports transparency, SWF file and even an ordinary avi if one wants to see the fruits of their work in video form at once.
Of course, all the features of the final image or animation, such as size, placement, number of frames in the animation, etc. – you can choose before you save according to your needs. As everyone probably understood, such images are often found in web design, book pages, posters and advertisements.
It will be nice for many to know that the program supports Russian, that is, it can be used by the basic user.
There should also be no problem with registration – you will find information in the archive for full registration of the program. Remember to report the impressions of such an advanced tool in the comments, good luck to all in your efforts. Below you can see the result of the work.

Developer: Insofta Development
License: ShareWare
Language: English + multilingual
Size: 36 MB

How to install:
1). Instructions are included if needed.
2). That’s it, ready


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