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Left 4 Dead is a new multiplayer fps Valve, the players Half Life series. It drops you in cases of infected zombies, and three victims. Zombies, like a terrible movie 28 days later, not the Beast of monsters old, but lighten up quickly, and run to you before. The first time you realize the game will leave the game start at night when you and your team try to find the subway roof. If you are inside the building, you will only see your torch. The effect of the light is important to swirling around and distributing zombies that will hurl your side. The only time you feel comfortable at any time when the whole team can throw, giving enough light to see (function () {(“Review-app-Page-Desktop”);}); We played on the Left 4 dead demo with one player so that the other team had the AI checked. They seem pretty good, but obviously it’s better for people. Keyboard and mouse controls work quite well, the graphics and physics are great and the sound is fearfully good. Sound weapon, sounds soothing tutorials only in the game, and moans and scream to the Zombies off and off unfortunately not enough to keep dead 4 is certainly a game for adults, and a lot of blood, Gore and poleple. Fans of tragic love, if you are not of the opinion that the Zombies are running are under Zombie-Lore in general. The speed of your attackers give the game a real feeling of AWE, surely you will find yourself shooting at fear more than anything dead 4 is a fantastic, fast paced and terrible first-person shooter that is to play with anyone who darts.




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