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Lego Marvel Super Heroes is an action adventure game developed by Travelers Tales and published by Warner Bros. Interactive fun. Released on October 22, 2013, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the latest entry in the Lego video game series, featuring features of popular culture such as Star Wars and The Hobbit as Lego Whole Marvel UniverseComic movie books. If there were no shortage of Marvel films, it would literally be any property whose movie rights they had to sell to other studios. As a result, mega-marvel fans will not be able to see all their favorite superheroes in one (feature () {(‘app-view-page-desktop’);}). Lego Marvel Super Heroes is probably the big cross network everyone has been waiting for. In the game, players can choose from more than 180 Marvel characters that can be controlled. The game includes characters from the hugely popular Avengers, as well as characters from the Fox-controlled franchise. There are also comic book characters and villains who are not suitable for the big screen Lego Marvel Super Heroes games and are very similar to the other Lego video games in the series. You can control the Lego version of your favorite characters and explore the Lego versions of New York. Each of the Marvel superheroes has their own superpower in the game. For example, Spider-Man can use its rocking harness from buildings, while Bruce Banner can turn into a Hulk and land a total of 15 historical missions in a single player campaign. There are 12 additional side missions. It’s funny that these side missions tell the fun of Marvel characters. If you want to know what it would look like if the MCU had complete control over all of Marvel’s features, we think this will probably happen. They will all fight together to defeat the galactic menace. Marvel fans will go crazy with all their favorite characters and villains in a giant game. Still, it’s a fun time, even if you’re not a Marvel fan. It’s just a well-rounded, well-made game for everyone.


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