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A new version of this powerful hard disk space release tool has been released, as cleaning it can also keep important information confidential, with the complete news you’ll be invited to download R- Wipe
The program can create combination lists that will contain files and folders that need to be deleted, so you can delete all the junk in one click. R-Netege, of course

Developer: Technology R-Tools In
License: ShareWare
Language: English + Multi
Size: 22 MB
Operating system: Windows

How to install:
1). Instructions are included, if necessary.
2). That’s all


R-Wipe Clean is a complete solution for removing useless files and keeping your computer private. Permanently delete personal records from online and offline activities, such as Internet temporary files, history, cookies, automatic full passwords and passwords, swap files, recently opened document list, MRUs Explorer, temporary files, etc., track more than 200 third party applications and free up disk space. The utility removes unused files and disk space by fast or secure deletion algorithms. All files and folders can be combined to delete lists that are deleted in one procedure. VirusTotal:
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