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ReiBoot is a free iPhone repair service. Connect through a PC to solve common problems like accidents, disaster recovery situations, and service support. Anyone who has had problems with their iPhones in the past can testify, broken and locked screens can often reset and lose data, or make long trips to the Apple Store. ReiBoot tries to fix these common mistakes with a free and easy-to-navigate tool that can be downloaded for free. The software automatically detects these problems when connected to a computer and recommends solutions that can be used with a single click. Errors such as continuous restarts, recorded screens, and headset typing can be solved in minutes without any technical knowledge or knowledge. This invaluable service can be a real time saver and many iPhone require credit, but many good features are behind the payment wall. Only the first ReiBoot paying subscribers can access data exchange, change access codes and store information. However, the default version is powerful enough in an emergency (function () {(‘app-page-desktop preview’);}); Returning to LifeReseBoot is a self-service iPhone rescue service that combines automatic adjustment with a simple operation.

Is it? Having problems with your iPhone? Don’t worry, there’s usually a solution: restore or reset. So far, you can achieve this by clicking on a combination of buttons, but for all RecBoot’s it is easily needed with just one click.

Very useful iOS (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);});
Rescue mode is the solution to many iOS problems, so once you find it, you can reset your device when a firmware update releases an error message that “kills” your iPhone.
You usually need to click on a combination of buttons on your device to restore this iPhone. Sometimes this is impossible, especially if the iPhone launch button is damaged. Restart allows you to enter rescue mode without pressing a button.
RecBoot completes the rescue mode in three easy steps: Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, launch the software, and then press the Restore Mode button. If you don’t need to use this mode anymore, just click rescue and your iPhone will return to normal.

Use only in special cases
Rescue mode is for advanced users who want to take certain actions on their iPhones. If you are not sure what type it is, we recommend that you do not use it as you might get it in the heart of your iPhone operating system.
You should also keep in mind that RecBoot currently only works on computers with a 32-bit operating system. If your number is 64 bits, this program will not work. We hope this will be decided in future software updates.
In addition to this requirement, RecBoot requires iTunes or later using .NET.

Save lives on your iPhone
RecBoot can give your iPhone a new life after it stops working because of a missing firmware update, and it can also recover data you thought you were missing from your phone. This is really important if you know the status of your iOS recovery.


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