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Superbird Browser is a web browser software based on Google Chrome. It retains most of the functionalities of Chrome while adding few changes. It has faster access to websites to get online contents immediately.

Its Like Chrome From The Ground UpSuperbird Browser emphasizes key features like connection speed, online stability, and security for user data. It bears great similarities from Google Chrome at first glance, from the search bar placement to the menu, favorites tab and everything else. The uncanniness is very prominent yet it can still function as an alternative web browser. Unlike Chrome, Superbird Browser is secure and enforces privacy. It also runs faster for immediate access to everything online. One of its adaptive features is its capability to work with plugins online. It has categories such as Themes, Business Tools, Games, Social, Utilities, Lifestyle, News, Productivity, Photos, Fun, Developer, and Blogging. Each plugin is designed to accommodate anything that users needed when surfing online. This web browser is also built with DuckDuckGo privacy search for its search engine. DuckDuckGo is distinguished from other search engines for protecting the privacy of users by not saving the search history, showing the same search results regarding the search term, and retrieving the most optimal result from every individual source. The software has very low memory usage to make sure any computers will run smoothly while avoiding the painful lag coming from websites with high-intensity elements. Users are ensured that their browsing is safe from NSA or PRISM surveillance programs. Their data is secured and not sent to any third party companies or even Google. Private information such as Client ID, Installation ID or even Google Updater is kept away from anyone (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Flying On The InternetSuperbird Browser is a decent alternative for the more popular web browser Google Chrome. Despite its shortcomings like not-so-unique appearance and functionality, it doubles down on speed, stability, and security. Users are free from any kind of unwanted surveillance while making their online activities more convenient.


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