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Ubuntu is a free open source operating system for your computer. It is based on Linux, with its robust technology supporting millions of servers worldwide. Of all the Ubuntu Linux versions available on the market, however, ease of use and the number of applications available are the most important.

The result of all this strength, flexibility and usability? Ubuntu is the best choice for Windows.

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Comparison between Windows and Ubuntu is difficult to avoid: both systems want the role of a desktop computer and provide a secure, stable and rich working environment. But while Windows costs you, Ubuntu is free. Not only that, but its code is available to anyone who wants to build derivative systems.

To see how seriously Ubuntu took this duel with Windows, just check out its application store – the Ubuntu Software Center – where you can download and install hundreds of free applications and games, and upgrade to newer versions. The reason for this is the 10 years that Ubuntu has grown tremendously.

A standard installation of Ubuntu includes all the applications and accessories you need to get started and get beyond Windows. For example, the LibreOffice office suite has word processing, spreadsheet and presentation features, while the Firefox browser optimized for Ubuntu allows you to browse the Internet faster and more securely.

From the Ubuntu sidebar, you can start searching from your hard drive and your favorite pages. The file browser helps you move around folders and files. And in the Ubuntu panel settings, you can configure all aspects of the system, from user accounts to wallpapers.

Compatible with most devices

Many Linux systems are focused on the console (or terminal) where the commands are placed. Ubuntu, however, is a less visible feature on the console: you can open it in Finder, but you can use Ubuntu to perform most tasks without typing commands, eliminating the need to understand deeper technology or read technical documents.

The easy-to-use Ubuntu desktop environment is very popular because the sidebar and window icons are familiar even to novice computer users. Ubuntu is fun to use, and many of its interface features are similar to a Mac. The similarities between the two systems in terms of appearance and usability are notable, but Ubuntu allows for more customization.

First, Ubuntu is a stable Linux system. It is not the simplest nor the fastest (this is taken up by other Linux operating systems), but it will make sure that all your hardware runs right after installation. It has great built-in support for graphics cards, Wi-Fi cards, printers, keyboards, and other devices that deliver great performance.

This may be your next operating system

Ubuntu has everything you need, from the operating system to your PC: Not only is it a well-thought-out, multi-application, but also an extremely active and useful community for beginners. And if you’re not discouraged by the lack of programs and games, don’t worry: Wine (an open source program) can help launch more and more Windows programs.


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